This is a dream job!


This is a dream job! Everyone want to work in this industry!
Yeah, only the industry is interesting, but not so about the job.

This is a dream job! Everyone want this job!
Yeah, but now many robots are leaving the factory. Only noobs is joining in. When they discover this job don't really fit into their dream job category, they will start to leave as well.

This is a dream job! We always do interesting work!
Only sometime. But I think everyone can do interesting work on their free time as well.

This is a dream job! We give you full creative control!
The creative control is decide by mushroom client. We only had full creative control when we do our own stuff.

To tell you the truth, most robots' dream job are something like this
- good paid
- easy work
- flexible working hour
- have lots of free time to do own stuff

Now, whose dream job are not like this? This is everyone dream job. One of my best pal get this type of job recently. He live a happier life now and never regret. Dream job don't torture people mentally. Dream job is a relax job with good paid. Call me slacker if you want.

PS: This post is special request by robo-x2n :D


  1. hahaha very funny ^_^

    i agree with u master. the only person who living in a dream job is the mushroom king himself. he still dont want to wake up from sleeping.

    u leave the part where they said "if u're not doing anything, give us a reason why we should fire you?"... this sentence shows how 'berlagak' they really is. i mean, they can loose their best employee because of that sentence...

  2. I agree with Lun.

    I think the industry is fun, the work aren't bad either, its just that the envi created by the mushroom king kinda suck.

    Anyhow mushroom king will never wake up. At least not for the next ten years.

    And FYI, i think lun knows, the mushroom king always lost his best employee because of that.

    Attitude problem, NO Cure!

  3. he always showing other people mistakes because he is too afraid of his own weaknesses...

    keep on doing the long boring full of lies with stupid ideas and bullshit meeting. coz thats part of the dream job i think.

    honestly, i never thought my last day would end that way. have to listen to those speech...


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