Eat Sleep Work Loop


Another month pass. Soon, another year will pass too. I was thinking about what I had done in the pass two years. Seriously, I am supprise that I actually didn't do anything much.

I can't remember clearly what I had done during 2005 and 2006. The only thing I remember is I just eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work (loop) during that time. I feel that I wasted two years in my life.

I was a young CRT boy with all the big plans. But where is all my big plan now? As I grow older, it seems that I had forget all my plans and I just eat, sleep, work everyday.

2007 seems to be a better year. Atleast I am earning slightly more gold coins now. I am slightly optimistic and happier this year. But still, where is all my big plans? Another year is wasted I guess.

2008 is coming soon, I should start to make good use of my time instead of falling back into the eat, sleep, work loop again. I need to start doing what I always want to do. I need to execute a few plans that I had in my mind for so long already.