Some formula


I really can't believe that time pass so fast. Nearly two months had pass since I enter this fantasy world of blogging. Thinking back of what I had done in previous two months, I notice that I haven't done anything usefull in my life. Let's do a little bit of comparison between me and one of the ex-mushroom factory robot. then you will know why.

My skill sets still stop at the same level.
His skill sets had advance to the next level.

Better skill sets = Better job = Better paid

I am still doing the same boring and stupid task everyday.
He done so many interesting projects in this two months.

Interesting Project = Better portfolio = Better job = Better paid

I still stuck in the same factory and getting the same salary.
He change his job again and get super salary from it.

Change job = Better job = Better paid

But there is one issue,
He said he is very stressfull during this two months because of the workload. Even he is making more money now, but is it worth it? I can't answer for him, but I think in the long run, it will be still worth it.

For me, I am slighly happier in this two months because I am lazy to do freelance and I try to rest as much as I can. I am doing this because I am recharging my battery so I can go fullforce again soon in my work.

Better paid = More work = Stress

Ofcourse this is not always the case. I believe everyone is looking for an interesting and enjoyable job with good paid.