I dont have this and that


I don't have my own lifepod,
I don't have my own spaceship,
I don't have this,
I don't have that,
I don't have ......
(the list goes own)

The only thing I have is nothing.
I have nothing.

Many people like to waste their time thinking about what they don't have.
And seem like not not many people using their time appreciate what they have now.

This include me as well. We all suck. Maybe we should slow ourself down, turnback and look around, start to appreciate what we have now, stop chasing blindly and mindlessly at what we don't have.


  1. The whole world has everything that I do not need. I have everything that the whole world needs. I want everything that I do not need. The world wants everything that I have. Soon when I am a god, I will crush the world out of its misery. (Now must do the evil laugh like this). Muhahahahahahahaha. Well I have my wants and I have my needs. My need is good shit but my wants are the usual crap human flaws in me.

  2. You have talent and skillz!

  3. sometimes, what we have is just not enough. but yes, we should be thankful of what we have.


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