Colour Blind

colour blind

It is said that god give each of one us a gift. Most people said that I receive the gift of artistic skill which is design and drawing.

But maybe god forget that I am a colour blind CRT. How the hell one can become a good designer if he or she can't even see the colours properly? Luckily, design isn't just about colours. I just need to work extra hard compare with other designers who can differentiate colours easilly.

Over the years, I had found my own way to design even I can't see colours that well. But mistake is still being make, wrong colours is still being choose every once in a while. No one truly understand the problem I am facing. Everyone will just have fun talking about it.

"Wah... you are colour blind and can do design? Can u see what colour is this? And this? Haha..."

But I don't blame them, because I am having fun talking about it too! Hehe~! Atleast it is a good random topic to talk about.

To spice thing up even more, I don't have any diploma in art and design, but I do have a degree in Computer Science Software Engineering. Now that is so suck for a designer isn't it? Anyway, I am just a colour blind designer that live a colourless life as well.

Colour blind test

Before you ask me what I saw from the image above, I will answer your question. I just saw two big dotted circle.


  1. aiks! but your work still very nice.. just saw your newly finish artwork (the robot) in lowyat.. :)love it

    btw, tho i'm not color blind but i do have problem with colouring.. ^^"

  2. I just see 2 big dotted circle... nothing else.

  3. two big dotted circle but what colour is the dotted circle?

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  5. I don't know what is the colour. It is confusing for me.

  6. i saw a 5 and an 8

  7. i see a 3 on the right but nothing on the left

  8. hey! im also a colourblind.. it sucks ayy.. back in secondary school i hate that im a colourblind especially during chemistry classes.. so messed up.. if u ask, i'll go for 4 and 3 for d colourballs..

  9. My dad tests as colourblind. He isn't but he just can't see the numbers. He can see the colours of each dot, but it's the patterning that escapes him.


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