The Miracle List


Flipping through my small black organizer, I saw this to-do list I written down few months ago which I already forgot.

- Buy a super high tech PC.
- Apply a prepaid credit card.
- Register my website domain name.
- Make my own little website.
- Finish up some artworks which is half done.

and more random crappy to-do, lazy to type all here...

To my surprise, I actually finish most of the thing from this to-do list within this two/three weeks. I don't even constantly checking it and see what I haven't done, then force myself to do it. I just survive day by day and after a while, I notice I had finish most of the work in the to-do list. Wow man! Now I am going to call my to-do list "the miracle list", then write...
- Earn my first million gold coins ASAP