Looking at my PC clock at the lower right of the screen...
WOW!OMG!WTF! It is 6:28am now, I forget to sleep...
Because I was busy doing this 3 funny kid animation.

2 days later...

Looking at my PC clock at the lower right of the screen again...
WOW!OMG!WTF! It is 6:42am now, I forget to sleep again...
Because I lost myself in the online gaming world.

I don't think I got Insomnia. Insomnia is where one person can't sleep at all. My problem is I forget to sleep at night. I only sleep in morning and wake up at night. I think I am just becoming the old me, a zombie. During college, I was like this. But Hey! Who wasn't like this during college?

(BTW, I met robo-x2n in the Internet, he can't sleep because he got night shift work. Haha!)


  1. Don't think too much...

    Sorry i was a bit laid back recently due to lack of time seeing my fellow cheese developer.

  2. nevermind, no need to sorry. I never blame you for not handling the cheese project.

    Even if at the end, there are no cheese project at all. I am still ok with it.

  3. hehe i also a bit surprise seeing lun online at 4am...?!!

    its quite easy to sleep actually, click on the 'start' button on ur monitor, then choose 'shut down'


  4. Ah...remembering the college days...the easiest cure for insomnia is the 600 pages++ text books. Just open the bloody Calculus book and ZZZzzzzzzz.....

  5. the cure for sleep is food and love story movie


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