Not enough time


1:51am midnight, my CRT head is low on battery but I can't rest and recharge my battery. So many works to do, but I have so little time.

Is it because...

There are too much works to do?
24 hours is not enough for me?
I got bad time management or planning?
I am lazy?
I waste too much time doing random things...

like blogging...?


  1. I blame time.

    Time does not love me!!!

    How ah boss?

  2. Time does not love me too.

    So we must love ourself.

    WTF I am talking about?!

  3. once upon a time, I broke my watch. From then onwards, I did not have time. ugaa ugaaa.....bluarghhh

  4. I do not own a watch, therefore time will not leave me!!! muhahhahaahhahahahahaha

    muhahahah. Time will always be mine. MINE!!!

  5. jonny, I hate you, I want to kill you. Now I will plot and plan on how to kill you. Muhahahaha. If u have a dog I will also kill the dog wif a spoon. Coz spoon is tak tajam so it will be mroe painful. Joking joking. I wont kill your dog laa. I will just kill you painfully like that. Nyaarghhh.

  6. WTF?! dun harm any other creature in Happy Land

    Happy God.

  7. its because we are all d%#m Lazy la.....

    ~factory worker

  8. Why need to so hardworking when we can relax and enjoy our life?

    Happy God.


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