Burst Mode Working


What is your working style? Do you work hard most the time? Or you work slowly most of the time? Or you will only work hard if the task is important? Or you are one of those “Play hard and work hard” people?

For me, I will push myself so hard that I forget to rest for a period of time.After that, I will rest so much until most creature in Happy Land start calling me slacker. Robo no1 told me this is the "Burst Mode" working style.

Basically there are two phase in this "Burst Mode" working style, which are the "Burst" phase and the "Empty" phase. Let say there is a project which duration is about four weeks. Instead of planning out the task well over the project timeline, I will complete all the task in a very short time frame. After "bursting" all my energy on completing the project, I will just enter the "Empty" phase which I start to rest. Too bad, once I enter the "Empty", I tend to become lazy and unmotivated to work again.

For the last two months, I had been in the "Empty" phase and slowdown quite abit. Many tasks left undone. Many freelance work had been turn down by me as well. I know some of my colleagues and friends can feel that too because we had some projects that suppose to work together. Due to my laziness, it is either never complete or never start at all! Sorry man... Just give me few more days to recharge my battery and I am ready to work again.


  1. I'm like a super burst mode worker. hahaha

  2. super burst mode, not sure that is a good way of working or not.


    Anyway, A new month. I feel that I am more energetic now. XD

    Hope can finally start doing what I always want to do.

  3. do you still need booster... i will be running up the work mode monday onwards....

    get ready... im coming to get you with follow ups plans....
    i have rested and perform my duty as a daughter... and now i need to get going...

    See you next week.


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