Big plan


I got some big plan for myself today.

Plan A
Escape from mushroom factory. Build my own cheese factory, make my own cheese. But need to wait and see how the Big Cheese react.

Plan B
Stay in mushroom factory. Wait till October, and accept offer from another factory. But need to wait gold coins being pump into this factory before they can offer me.

Plan C
Stay in mushroom factory. Keep on setting new longest earthquake survival record till mushroom factory collapse totally.

Plan D
Fook the mushroom factory. Go to sleep now and stop thinking.

Plan D sound interesting. I choose plan D. hehe


  1. Plan A, B and C sound so dilemma

    D sounds good tooo, but i dun think its categorise as big plan la.

  2. Who said plan D not a big plan? It can be. Plan D....yeay...Plan D.

    Plan E
    Brainwash an evil pirate that has been working in the company to become a terrorist and make him believe in lunism cult's teachings. Tell him in order to reach enlightenment, he needs to strap a 50 megaton worth of TNT and detonate himself in the mushroom king's palace. If he actually does it, then blame the incident on the fat king and make him go to jail. Then steal all the gold and silver and run away with ayamas...ops I mean adamas to Hawaii and become pimp daddy over there and enjoy life.

    Plan F
    Find a girl friend, then have fun. Start to become more social and act less smart and intelligent and infiltrate the common people. Since being smart always made the smart people an outcast from the society, just pretend not to be smart and just have fun being stupid. Then do a lot of plan D while doing the plan F. Have fun in life and live it compared rather analyzing it. Even though being stupid is dumb but its more fun than being smart and intelligent and miserable.

  3. Sadly, it is hard to act as dumb and stupid normal living creature. Because deep inside your heart, you will still know who you are.

    But a dumbass will always pretend to be smart. They are so good at pretending to be smart until they truely believe that they are a smartass.


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