Zombies in Happy land


There are zombies everywhere in this Happy land.
Infact, I was a zombie CRT for around two years!

Why? Because of evil MMORPG.

MMORPG will suck away the victims' soul and slowly turn them into zombies.

MMORPG zombies sit infront of the computer 24/7 do nothing but just moving their fingers.

MMORPG shrink the social circle of it victim so that zombies only hang around with other zombies in the virtual world.

MMORPG zombies are most active during night and sleep during morning. If a zombie just happens to go out from his house during morning, he will feel that the hot sunlight is piercing and burning through his skin.

MMORPG zombies will also try to zombify normal living creatures around them. How many times your friend keep on telling you that this particular MMORPG is cool and want you to join in the party? How many times you saw a boy friend forcing his girl friend to play MMORPG together in cyber cafe? :)

Of course, one can say that this is all about self-control or discipline. But we are all just normal living creatures, how many discipline can one have? More over, playing MMORPG is not a big sin. So, a lot of people will be like

"Fook it, let just play this for now."

For me, I will think twice because I wasted two precious years in my life due to MMORPG.